The day has finally come, I never thought I would be able to say these simple words…. “I’ve found the PERFECT sports bra!”


Now let me tell you how this love affair began:

A few months back I was cruising through my inbox weeding out old emails and reading the 50,000,000,000 new Groupon, coupon, pooopon offers. One particular offer from Schwaggle (A fitness based Groupon site) for discounted sports bras caught my eye.

The deal was $25 for $50 worth of merchandise. I quickly did the math in my head on my calculator…. I normally spend around $80 on my ugly Enell sports bra,

Ugly straight jack of a sports bra

so this deal was obviously a steal in my book & definitely worth the try! I then clicked on the link for Sturdy Girl Sports to see if they even had anything cute to offer. From my experiences the word cute and sports bra never went to together.

Long story short Sturdy Girl has a wide variety of fashionable, stylish, and supportive athletic attire. They even have leopard print…watch out Snooki I’m coming to the Jersey Shore to steal your spot light!

Not only were the bras super cute, but the customer service was unbelievable. Due to my countless attempts of finding “the perfect sports bra” I had tons of questions about which style and size would best suit me. Hilary, the founder of SGS corresponded with me (answered 1.2 billion questions about boobies, bras, and uni boobs until she was blue in the face) until I was totally comfortable with the decision I had made.

I ended up choosing the Santa Monica Bra in the White Diamond/Chinchilla combo

The combination of the thick rib band, wide shoulder straps, flattering shape, and soft compression fabric makes this one a winner in my book! After only a few short months a countless intense work outs, I decided to buy another one! Woo–hoo! The second time around I decided to go for a darker color since the white one got dirty so fast.

I love white but white doesn’t love me.

Go Gamecocks!

Here’s my review on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best.

Coverage: 10

Usually I struggle with coverage near the fullest part of my breasts which is near the armpit area. The Santa Monica keeps me fully covered at all angles.

Support: 10

I’ve worn my sturdy girl for all different types of high impact training, and my girls never fell out-of-place.

Comfort: 9

The bra fits tight the first few times you wear it but it does stretch out nicely over a few washes.

Shape: 10

It provides my ladies friends with perfect amount of appropriate “workout cleavage.” Although I do get a little uni boob affect I’m totally cool with it because the support is ultimately what matters most to me.

411 Side note: I thought it was pretty cool when opening my first Sturdy Girl Sports Bra it came with a very thorough set of instructions on how to put on and take off my bra. I looked at the instructions, chuckled and tossed them off to the side thinking come on now I’ve put a few sports bras on in my life time. If i can put together an Ikea bookshelf without instructions I can most likely handle dressing myself. I put my arms through the holes accordingly and next thing you know I was screaming for my boyfriend to come help me. Lesson learned, read the instructions they are helpful! The SGS wiggle not jiggle maneuver is clutch.

*Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this post are my own and not provided or persuaded by anyone else.