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Hey Folks! Lot’s going on over here on the home front. The workouts were stellar last week…check me out!

Tuesday: Circuit Training

Wednesday: Pitched 900000000 balls of batting practice to my high school team until my arm was basically detached from my body!! OUCH

Thursday: Cardio circuit

Friday: Could barely walk or lift my arm to pick my own nose.

Saturday: 2 mile run on the tredmill and Abs

It felt great to squeeze in 4 workouts last week, so this week I’m going to try my hardest to do it again. Especially after all that birthday cake, chocolate, and home cooked birthday meals. To be honest I’ve really got to start kicking up my mileage on the road. On February 25 I’ll be competed in another mud run called The Spartan Race (watch the video on the home page… it’s pretty bad ass) with my fabulous cousin in-law Michelle. The course is 8 miles long with various muddy obstacles along the way. I haven’t run 8 miles since I was training for my half marathon!! YIKES!


Guess who celebrated a birthday last week! ME ME ME ME! It’s official I am now in my last year of my “mid-twenties.” Which basically means this is my last year to do ridiculously immature things and get away with it. 🙂

Apparently my love for white chocolate is no secret at work. That chocolate bar is seriously the size of my head!

Guess who else had a birthday last week?

My brother! 

Lucky us, we get to celebrate out birthdays together every single year 🙂

Saturday night we all headed to a new spot in Miami called Ricochet Bar & Lounge, and danced our pants off until 3 AM!

That’s my beautiful sister in-law who blogs at CasaMartinez, where she covers anything from fashion to marriage to DIY projects and all things Pinterest!

You should definitely check her out!!

See ya soon with an update on this weeks workouts…. hopefully I can hit 4 days again!