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Hey friends, Happy New Year!

I hope everyone let loose and stuffed their little belly’s. Me on the other hand… I went beyond letting loose. I ate like a starving cave woman who was going into hibernation for the next 6 months! The holiday spirit gets me every time…what can I say?

MRod and I made our annual (two consecutive years is considered annual in my book) Christmas trip to St. Louis to visit his parents. While I was there I OD’ed in vitamin C and H20 in attempt to NOT get sick like I did last year. **When you take a South Florida girl out of her 80 degree winter climate bad things usually happen.**

Luckily my overdose tactics worked as planned which meant my appetite was in full force. Mama & Papa MRod usually spoil the crap out of our belly’s every time we see them so by now I’ve learned two key tricks for superb belly preparation:

1. Diet the week before seeing them (AKA- eat nothing and sweat lots) !

2. Pack my stretch pants!

Here’s a few pics from the trip






Now moving on to more serious matters. Let’s be honest here… I haven’t been the best blogger lately- shame on me. I know I am still a rookie and only a few months into the blogging world, but I really need to figure out a better system. I love sharing my crazy workout routines with all of you (my 12 readers out there) but I have an insanely hard time remembering everything I did at 6:00 AM. AND when I actually remember what I did, I have no clue what to call the exercise! I’m very familiar with the standard fitness terminology, but I promise 9 times out of 10 I’m not doing anything standard in the gym!

So here are my thoughts:

Each week either on Sunday or Monday I will lay out my work out schedule for the week, this way you guys can hold me accountable! At the end of the week I’ll update the workout schedule and let you know how I did.

So here we go…

Monday: Circuit Training 60 minutes
Tuesday: Nada
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: Circuit Training
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Run
Sunday: Run or Play Tennis