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Chrismukkah is right around the corner!

For those of you who are not familiar with Christmukkah, the urban dictionary does a great job of defining it:

Coincidently my family and MRod’s family share very similar religious backgrounds. Both of our mom’s are Jewish and both of our dad’s are Cuban Christian’s. We are a very rare hybrid that we like to call “Jewban’s”.

What’s on my Christmukkah list this year?

This year my wants and needs took a complete 360 compared to what I’ve asked for in the past……



A Forerunner 405 for my new found love of running.

**Sidenote: You haven’t seen any running posts lately because I sprained my stupid ankle running suicides on the tennis court with Jersey**

Lulu Lemon Run Speed Short

Aaaannnd maybe a matching top? …… Just sayin’

Lunar Glide 3

I have the older version of these in all black – I like boring basic colors I know- and I absolutely love them. I could never go for a run in these because they just don’t have enough support like my Brooks do, but they are perfect for circuit training and lifting.

MRod my love…. if you’re out their somewhere don’t stray from the Christmukkah list! This little Jewban want’s LOTS of work out gear this year!