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Hey folks!

This time change has me all screwed up! My internal body clock is waking up at odd hours, getting hungry at the wrong hours, and putting me to bed later than usual.

Not cool.

The sun was blazing this morning as I was leaving the gym, and normally it’s pitch black out. I couldn’t help but glance at my clock every 2 seconds on my way home because I was convinced I was running late!

Anyways here’s my work out from this AM…it was a doozie!

This next set of exercises was performed one after the other with no breaks, three times.

-Quick Abs-

There ya have it… I was a schweaty beast after that one! Thanks Craig!

Breakfast on the Go~

Since mornings are always quite a rush for me, and little to no time gets put into beautifying (other than taking a shower), by breakfast selection is always simple but tasty! I think it’s hilarious that I spend 80% of my morning prepping my food for the day rather than making myself look half way decent.

On my way to work I always start out with a scrumptious protein shake

The shake holds me over until about 9:00 until my stomach starts yelling at me, “MORE FOOD, MORE FOOD!” And then I scarf down my quick and easy go to breakfast.

Black Cherry Chobani is my savior!

For some odd reason I can never get sick of this flavor. So what’s in the mix?

Here’s my secret, I keep two ingredients in my draw at all times.

Some type of granola, usually I go with Bear Naked because I love the vanilla Almond Crunch flavor.

And, dried fruit or dried cherries just in case I don’t have any fresh fruit on hand!Sooooo delicious! 🙂