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Hey November!

With the holidays right around th corner I’ve really gotta crack down on this “diet” that I mentioned in my New Fitness Goals post. I plan on doing some serious eating during Thanksgiving with my family and Mike’s family for Christmas. No joke I think I gained 5 lbs during Christmas last year when we went to St. Louis to visit Mike’s parents! My future mother in law and I have this on-going joke that we only wear our stretch pants when we see each other because all we do is eat the entire time. I know you’ve heard me talk about MRod being an endless pit and eating whatever the hell he wants….well his pops is just like that! He eats a bowl of chocolate ice cream every night before bed and never gains one single pound!

It’s just not fair.

Christmas 2010 in St. Louis with Mike's parents

Can't wait for another white x-mas in STL!

Kicked off November with a kick ass workout:

Warm up: 5 flights of stairs

Superset x 3:

  •  20 jumps onto stepper with dumbbells
  •  On wobble board (or you can use a BOSU ball upside down) with barbel, half dead lift – squat – press x 10

Sitting down on stepper point toes outward, hold dumbbells on chest and stand up (3 x 15)

Superset x 3:

  •  10 Flights of stairs with 8 lb. dumbbells  (Last set of stairs I ran them as fast as I can and kicked the weights)
  •  Various ab exercises that involved arm exercises as well

Here’s some fun news for ya, I signed up for a new challenge! On December 3 I’ll be crawling through mud and jumping over fire with friends at The Warrior Dash!

Looks like fun to me 🙂