Morning friends 🙂 It’s race day, and I can’t believe it!

I’ve never wanted 10:00 PM on a saturday to come so fast. Normally I pray for my weekends to crawl by so I can savor every second, but not this weekend! I wish I could fast forward to 12:15am when I cross the finish line (hopefully) and find my family waiting for me with an adult beverage in hand!

This was the only picture I could find w/ an adult bev. in hand 🙂 Park City Trip 2011

My days leading up to the race I’ve been doing a ton of carb loading. I feel like I’m going to turn into a loaf bread if I eat one more carb! Normally I wouldn’t complain about eating an insane amount of carbs, but since my appetite has been slightly affected due to nerves, it’s hard to shove down those carbs.

MRod, my parents and I are staying at a beautiful resort in Orlando called Shingle Creek.

I wish I was enjoying a cold fruity cocktail by that pool right now instead of laying in bed!

Actually I woke up pretty early this morning, gobbled down a PB&J, yogurt, and 2 hard-boiled eggs, and then headed down to the hot tub before it got too hot outside.

What am I going to do until it’s time to leave?

  • Load up the ipod with new tunes
  • Make a new play list
  • Drink lots of water (stop @ 7:00ish)
  • Snack on stuff here and there
  • Hit the steam room for a quick stretch session
  • Rest/ watch the tube
  • Blog stalk
  • Somehow subside my nerves

Thank you all so much for all the support and good luck wishes, it’s much needed and very much appreciated! Stay tuned for my post race blog post 🙂

Tootles everyone! xox