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5 more days.

3 more days of training.

Gotta buy some Body Glide.

Maybe a new pair of thorlo’s for extra padding?

Make sure I load up on my carbs this week.

Did I mention, 5 more days until I’m no longer a half marathon virgin?

I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep at all this week?

For Mike’s sake I hope so!

What am I going to wear on race day? Other than these babies.

Streeeeetch Pants are cool πŸ˜‰

Hat ,or no hat?

Pony tail, or braid?

What should I eat on race day?

I’ve got running on my mind…and that’s it!

Either that, or I’ve completely lost my mind.

Seriously I’ve lost all potential to focus on anything else going on in my life except running. I feel like Forest Gump.

I can hardly stand being around myself right now, I have no idea how my patient boyfriend has put up with me. I won’t be surprised if he drops me off on the side of I-95 on the way up to Disney and says, “Get the hell out of the car and RUN to Disney since you can’t shut up about it!”

No but really, speaking of my patient boyfriend: I want to take a moment to publicly (my blog really isn’t too public YET) thank my handsome fella. πŸ™‚

He has been nothing but supportive since day one of this training madness. (Except for the day I signed up for the marathon after downing a bottle of wine. He told me I’d be sorry when I woke up the next morning. Boy was he wrong!)

I admire the adversity he overcame during his baseball career, juggling the ups and downs caused by injuries, I only hope I can make him proud and finish this race strong. Seeing his smiling face along my 13.1 mile journey through Disney is what I’m counting on to keep me going.

Please don't drop me off on I-95 πŸ™‚ Love you! !