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Great news folks! I solved my chub-rub promlem-o, and found my race day shorts that I like to call me streeeeetch pants!

I feel very bendy in these shorts

I honestly never thought I would be caught dead running around the streets of south Florida in these babies, but they are SO COMFORTABLE!

Please excuse my armpit sweat I just finished 2 miles 🙂

The pros:

  • They don’t ride up while I’m in stride
  • Dri-fit material absorbs the sweat
  • They are light and airy
  • The waist band isn’t too tight where its cutting off my circulation
The Cons:
  • I feel a little scandalous in them (who cares!)
These tighties are a WINNER in my book!

Two thumbs up!

Tuesday’s Morning Circuit

 Warm up: 5 flights

Smith machine circuit: (3 x 15 each)

  •  Seated wide grip front pull down
  •  Seated wide grip back pull down
  •  Seated cable rows
  • Seated pull downs w/ v bar


Incline Bench dumbbell circuit: 3 x 15 each

  • Triceps
  • Press w/ palms facing each other
  • Regular Press
  • Sit up – curl – press up
  • Raises w/ sit up

Ab ball Circuit:

  • Hamstring curls 3 x 30
  • Leg lifts w/ ball between feet 3 x30

Without the ball:

  • Knee touches (keep legs out straight, rest hands on your thighs & tough your knee caps. Do not let shoulder blades touch the ground)