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Holy shmoly!

I’m only 15 days away from my half marathon in Disney! October 1st is creeping up on me way too fast.

Although I’ve somewhat been sticking to my training schedule, I still feel totally unprepared and nervous. I know that feeling nervous is only normal since I’ve never run a race before. But feeling unprepared when I’ve been training for 12 weeks doesn’t feel so normal.

During my thinking time (AKA long runs) I’ve come up with a list of things I’m worried about:

What to wear? Go ahead, you can laugh at me! Obviously I want to look cute on race day for my “before” photos. DUUUUHH! I know I’ll be looking like a hot mess sweaty mess afterwards. No but really, I can’t decide on what to wear. Normally I run in my go to Nike running shorts, but I’m afraid of a couple of things:

1. Chub Rub ~ 13.1 miles is a hell of a long time for these thighs to be brushing back and forth.

2. The weather ~ Since the race is at 10:00 PM it might be a bit chilly.

So it’s between Nike compression pants that go to my knees to avoid the dreaded chub rub,


my go to Nike shorts,


OR just go to LuLu Lemon and spend a-hell-of-a-lotta money on a brand spankin’ new outfit (I PICK THIS ONE!).

Decisions. Decisions.

Getting hurt. This one worries me way more than chub rub! J I’ve been having nightmares about getting hurt in the middle of the race, looking around to find help, and I don’t know one single person. I also don’t plan on running with my stupid slow iphone so how will I be able to get a hold of MRod and my parents? Ask a stranger? Everyone in Disney is always nice, I’m sure someone will be able to help me!

“Excuse me Mickey. Can I borrow your celly?”

Eating the wrong thing. Like I said before, my race is late at night, so that means I have to watch what I eat ALL DAY! (Not easy when you’re on vacation) I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that I’m not going to have much of an appetite due to my nerves, so I’ll have to force myself to eat anyways. But I still have so many worries:

  •  What should I eat?
  • What time should I eat my last meal?
  • When should I stop drinking water so I don’t have to stop and pee?
  •  Are there going to be port-o-potties along the 13 miles?

Maybe some of YOU readers, fellow bloggers, experienced runners out there can help me answer a few of my worries. PRETTY PLEASE 🙂

 Thursday Circuit

This workout kicked my butt ~ literally!

Every now and then it’s nice to turn down the intensity and focus on particular muscle groups. That’s what this workout is all about. I asked the drill sergeant if we could work on my weak spots, and boy was I sorry I even asked! We focused mainly on shoulders and legs (butt and thighs).

  •  Warm Up: 5 Flights
  • Squat on toes with front raises (hold the squat at the bottom) 3 x 15
  • Inclined DB chest press w/ palms facing towards my face w/ a sit up 3 x 20
  • Wide grip chest pull 3 x 15
  • Seated overhead DB press 3 x 15
  • Suitcase lift w/ DB’s 3 x 20
  • Lateral raises 3 x 20
  • Split squats with feet closer together and go up on both toes 2 x 20
  • Karate Kicks on BOSU ball 3 x 15
  • Various leg raises on the mat (40)
  • Sit ups – 30
  • 10 flights of stairs
For my male readers out there: Check out Justin @ GorillaJewsHead for some hard core work outs!