Chicago Dogs:

Less than a year ago Mike went to a bachelor party in Chicago. Since then he has ranted and raved about the famous “Chicago style hotdog.” With football season in full blast and the Dolphin’s playing Monday Night Football we felt like grilling out some dogs, and topping them off in the traditional Chicago way.

Those of you who don’t know much about these dogs, apparently it’s all about the toppings. Goal: Find whatever you can in your kitchen and put it on a hot dog.

Mission accomplished.

My layering strategy went like this: First start with the bun, swirl ketchup and mustard directly on to the bun, then insert the dig-it-y-dog. Top it off with chopped onions, spicy pickles, jalapeño (love my spicy), tomatoes, shredded cheese, and an extra swirl of mustard. Holy mouthful!

MRod’s dog was just like mine except he had mayo instead of mustard because he absolutely despises mustard! Personally I think mine looked better.

I couldn’t JUST eat hot dogs for dinner, so I added a little health to this unhealthy meal by steaming some broccoli and topping it with a touch honey ginger dressing (probably sucked the health right out of it). And the man who never gains a pound topped his broc off with butter and cheese.

Normally I save my hotdog indulgences for live sporting events at the stadium, (nothing like an ice cold draft beer, and a footlong at the park)  but tonight I made an exception because I never turn down a night off in the kitchen.

Tuesday Circuit:

Tuesday workouts with Craig are always better than Thursday’s for a couple reasons:

1.       I’m feeling replenished from the weekend.

2.       Another female client trains with me, and as you know from my previous post, team training is way more fun!

I want to take a minute to talk about this particular female client named Laurie.

 Laurie is awesome.

 I won’t disclose her specific age because I don’t want her to kick my ass, but I will tell you she is in her 40’s and she’s got a bangin’ body! (I hope I can describe her without sounding insanely creepy). She’s so tiny but totally toned everywhere and has the perfect amount of muscle mass (no too bulky and not too little for her petite frame). Laurie comes in the gym looking put together with her cute lulu lemon outfits (thank you Laurie for my lulu hand-me-down tanks), while I’m looking like a hot mess that just rolled out of bed and got dressed in the dark. Unlike me, she’s a big ball of energy at 5:45 in the morning and kicks my butt in every exercise, but pushes me to work harder. I hope when I’m in my forties I’ll look like her and have the same enthusiasm about health and fitness. OK enough about that, on to the workout that kicked our butts!

Warm up: 5 Flights of lovely stairs with my eyes half open (very sleepy)

Incline bench press on the smith machine: 3 set x 20 reps

Dumbbell Flys on the bench: 3 x 15

30 Box Jumps

Chest Press w/ Dumbbells: 3 x 15

Seated Front Press on smith machine: 3 x 20

30 Box Jumps

Lunge with dumbbell press 2 x 15

Boxing gloves are needed for the next segment:

  • Quick Jabs/Punches alternating right and left (I wasn’t counting so this is a guess): 2 x 50
  • Upper cuts alternating right and left arm: 2 x 50
  • Sitting on the box- stand up throwing back of your hands up at the target at the same time (works the shoulders) 2 x 20
  • Sitting on the box- lunge with right leg- punch with left arm- sit back down and alternate: 2 x 20


  • Lay a jump rope on the floor, quickly jump from one side to the other: 2 x 1 minute
  • Burpees: 2 x 10
  •  Reverse Crunches on declined bench with a ball between your legs: 120 (OUCH!)
  •  Sit ups with arms straight in the air : 2 x 20


You guys have to check out this you tube video!

I work in an office with 3 yellow Labrador Retrievers.

This little guy in the video below is Buddy, his full name is actually “Bad Buddy Bear Pedro Lapping Crews.” Quite the mouthful! Pedro is his Spanish name, which we only use when he’s being BAD BOOOOY (in my dog voice). He’s definitely your typical young (2 years old) lab, getting his nose into anything and everything possible.

Take a look!

Question: Does your dog or pet do any funny or quirky things?