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Last night something really weird happened.

Mrod and I took the Pup-Pup to the dog beach with some friends.

If you’ve never been to a dog beach it’s quite the experience, and the furthest thing from relaxing!

Jersey’s not much of a swimmer, but as the persistent parents we are, you bet your butt we made her try!

Fifteen attempts later we still ended up with a wussy wet & sandy dog!

Jersey HATES being wet!

We got home fairly late, scarfed down some food, took a shower, and gave Jersey a bath (she was one sandy smelly pup). By the time we hit the couch to watch a little TV it was about 9:30, which in my book is way past my bed time! Since I wasn’t waking up early for a work out, I wasn’t too worried about running to bed.

So as we are lounging on the couch and dozing off, the doorbell rings. Mike and I both jump up scared to death and look at each other and say, “who is that?” Jersey was so exhausted from the dog beach she didn’t even move when the doorbell rings, and that never happens!

We live in a very quiet neighborhood, and if anyone was stopping by they would always call us first. So we both decided the smartest idea was to not answer because the light was off outside and we couldn’t see anything through the peep-hole. One time a while back we had a random solicitor knock on our door late on a Sunday night, so we figured this was something similar. The three of us headed to bed feeling quite curious.

Monday morning we went ahead with our morning rituals; work out, feed the dog, get ready, make the lunches etc. When I got work I received a text message from my Uncle saying there’s a missing boy in my neighborhood. The 14-year-old boy who had no record of running away was mowing his lawn on a sunny Sunday afternoon, and then BOOM he was gone. I won’t disclose the article or the boy’s name for my own safety, but I can assure you I thought I lived in a very safe neighborhood.

Luckily the young boy was found at 11:30 this morning, but no details have been given yet.

Even though the police haven’t confirmed any evidence to this case (if this was a run away or a kidnap) the situation surely got me thinking. Normally I go for runs during pretty odd hours (before the sun comes up in the AM, or when the sun is about to go down in the PM). If something like this can happen in broad day light, what could possibly happen to me when no one is on the roads (minus a few crazy runners like me).

My cell phone is slower than a turtle with a broken leg so I refuse to bring it with me on runs. Should I start running with mace? Where can I even buy a mace? Or what about a pocket knife? My dog obviously does me no good for protection because she’s a puppy and licks anyone she sees, and she hates running.

What do you female runners out there do for protection on your runs?