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Pretty impressed with myself this week I must say, September is my month to conquer!

Throughout the month of September until my race day I will be updating the blog each week with a workout/running log. I’m hoping if I stick with the strategy, “if I write it down & share it with all of you, I know I’ll do it!” Time to bare down and get er’ done, I will not look like a panzie on race day!

September Week 1

Monday – 4 mile run on the treadmill (40 minutes)

Tuesday – Circuit @ 5:45 AM

Wednesday – OFF

Thursday – Circuit @ 5:45 AM

Friday – 3 miles (30 minutes)

Saturday- Longer Run (5 miles)

Sunday- Depends on how much beer I drink during the USC game on Saturday 🙂 Go Gamecocks!

I also printed out my monthly calendar and jotted down my schedule.

Oops, I got a little high lighter happy! I stuck it on the fridge so I’d see it every day, several times a day. (I’m in the fridge a lot!)

Race Day got extra color and swirly things (my attempt to be excited about this race).

Now on to the important stuff!

I’ve come to the realization that I’m not much of a single-person sports kinda player. Technically I’ve always known this, but running alone a lot has reaffirmed my opinion: I like my team sports and I always have.

Both of my parents are tennis players, really good tennis players actually. At an early age they realized I had a nitch sports so they threw me on the tennis naturally. Day after day my dad would drag me out on to those hot courts, and I would hit a million forehands, and then a million backhands and oh wait, were not done yet we’ve got to work on your serves!

Finally I had enough and said to my dad, “Tennis is SO BORING I don’t want to do it anymore!” I knew I loved being outside and playing sports, just not by myself.

So there ya have it, Dad put a pair of cleats on my feet and a glove on my hand and the rest is history! Fifteen years later and a few inches taller I was off to college on a full softball scholarship!

You see there’s a reason for this story, I’m bustin’ my butt out there on that pavement everyday training for this half marathon knowing I’m not much of a runner at all and I can honestly say that I struggle to motivate myself through every single run!

But today it finally hit me, I miss my teammates and that team like atmosphere. I miss that competitive edge to beat someone to the finish line during practice, or my other teammates cheering me on to push through conditioning.

Miss you guys!

Bottom line is running can be therapeutic at times, but most of the time it can be pretty boring. So from now on I say it’s ok to give yourself a pat on the back and be your own teammate! It worked for me 🙂

Happy running everyone!

Your Turn To Talk:

  • How do you motivate yourself through each run/workout/exercise? Is it music? A friend? I need to know!