My Running Essentials

It’s taken me a looooong time to figure out what works for me on my runs. What shorts don’t ride up my booty so I’m not picking my wedgie every 5 seconds? Which headphones don’t fall out of my ears? What sports bra can strap down these DD’s? Nike’s? Brooks? Asics?

Well through trial and error here’s a list of my must haves that I “strap on” before every run.

 Nike Running Shorts with the undies inside. I hope these shorts never go out of style because I have them in about 20 different colors. If you have some junk in your trunk like me (I mean a booty), and you don’t own these shorts you must buy them ASAP! Whenever I saw a pair of shorts with the undies inside I was immediately turned off thinking that it would be annoying. Boy was I ever wrong about that! The built-in undies are the best part, I never get the annoying wedgie while I’m running and they keep my toosh from bouncing around and feeling all jiggly. The material is light and absorbs water/sweat, and the cut is quite flattering (on me at least).

I pod nano watch: Just when I thought this new little nano was the perfect running enhancer, I found the watch that holds it! I always thought the arm holders looked cool until I realized how hard it was to change the dang song while in serious stride. The watch makes it quick and easy to change songs, and there’s even a stop watch I can use.

One day I do plan on buying myself a Forerunner 305, but I decided I’d wait until I was done with my first half marathon until I made that decision.

Over the ear head phones:  Apparently I have child sized ear canals because those cute little ear buds that I see everyone working out in WONT FIT or STAY in my ears.

Thank god for these little over the ear babies or else I’d be running in some scary huge head phones.


I’m already known in the neighborhood as the girl who pee’s in the bushes, I don’t need to draw anymore attention to myself!

Enell Sports Bra: AKA The Wonder Bra for the blessed and big chested. One morning when I was about 13 years old I woke up and looked in the mirror and realized “Holy crap I have big boobs!” Finding the perfect sports bra was merely impossible unless I wore 3 of them at the same time. Being an athlete growing up I was in a sports bra about 90% of the day…… Can you imagine playing 4 games of softball in the 100 degree Florida  summer heat with 3 sports bra’s on? You have no idea how uncomfortable that is!

While I was playing softball in college, I was sitting in the training room icing my broken body next to a girl on the soccer team. This wonderful girl, I owe her my life because she certainly saved mine by introducing the BEST SPORTS BRA EVER! This bra is absolutely the ugliest sports bra on the face of the earth, but I am willing to sacrifice looks for comfort.

Brooks Running Shoes: 

Ahhhh last but not least, the newest addition to my running entourage. The one piece of advice that all of my running friends gave me was “Buy yourself a really nice pair of running shoes.” I was definitely struggling pounding the pavement in my Nike’s, my knees started to hurt after a couple of miles and my feet would kill me afterwards.

Although pricey, I couldn’t imagine running without my Brooks.

Question: What are your work out necessities?