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WARM UP: The usual 5 flights of stairs

The work out started with what I like to call “the most impossible ab exercise for a female with a booty”

2 X 20: Lay on the mat hold onto the weight bench or something sturdy above your head. Lift legs up     towards the sky all the way until you are only on your shoulder blades. Keep legs straight and bring them down without your butt touching the ground. (BASICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY FEMALE)

2 x 20: Squat w/ jump from BOSU ball to wobble board, and back from wobble board to BOSU ball (very tricky stuff)

8 Flights of stairs w/ resistance band at the bottom of the stairs controlled by Sergeant Craig

30: 15 lb med ball w/ squat & twists to each side. Squat middle-twist left-squat middle-twist right-squat middle

2 x 5 each arm w/ 5lb kettle bell: Lay on mat hold kettle bell in one hand pointing straight to the sky. Stand up w/o using other arm as support and do a press with the kettle bell. Switch arms.

30: Med ball squat with toss. Squat-toss up-catch-squat down.

30 : Get in lunge position, touch right knee to the ground, pivot to left knee touching the ground. Do not  stand up straight, just pivot from knee to knee

2 x 10:Pushups on BOSU ball w/ feet on the wobble board

2 flights of stairs one for each leg: 1 leg hops w/ 1 leg squat every other step on stairs

20: Sit (on bench or step stool) – stand – crawl into push up position – pushup – crawl backwards into standing position – sit – repeat.

2 Flights of stairs backwards: Sit on step – stand – step up backwards to next step – sit (squat) – repeat

2 x 20: Leg lifts on the mat

20: Squat on BOSU ball while holding a 4lb DB front raise for 10 seconds each arm




WARM UP: 5 Flights

150 x 2: Various Sit ups with flys/raises w/ 5 lb DB

15 x 2: “Angry Gremlin Jumps” Stay low in squat position jump up on to step up (or bench or whatever you have access to) and stay in squat position. Don’t stand straight up, you’re gonna feel the burn!

Super Set x 2:

50- Feet on the Slide board and hands on the BOSU ball in the push up position bring knees to chest. (Should feel it in your abs, shoulders, legs)

5 Flights of Stairs

30 x 2: Leg Lifts on Mat (Left and Right)

2 x 10: Push up position w/ hands on the slide board, alternate arms sliding up and down. (Should feel it in your shoulders, pecks, abs)

50 x 2: Kicks