Sometimes there are things I just can’t say no to. When you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, and you put the time in at the gym it’s OK to live a little and carefully indulge in the things you love.

Theses are just a few of my fave’s:

Can I eat that entire candy bar? Yes! Do I let myself?No!

How could you ever say no to this face?

One of our reps at work bring these to us at least once a month.

The fried crispness on the outside always has the perfect crunch, and the warm layers inside are filled with shredded beef and potato. The best part of it all is the tangy salsa!

And the two of them together snuggling like that, I mean c’mon how could I said no to those two faces?

Chewy Chips ahoy = my worst enemy / my best friend. We have a love hate relationship. I think Publix knows about this love hate relationship because at least twice a month they have buy one get one frees. Honestly I can’t say no to anything that’s free.Not cool Publix!


What are some of your favorite goodies and the things you can’t say no to?