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Saturday started out with a big bowl of cereal and hot cup of brew.

What is it about cereal that you feel like you could devour 3 bowls in one sitting and not feel full?

Gotta love the Keurig one cup maker…life saver & time saver!

Once I was all fueled up, the pup pup and I headed to the park to break in her new frisbee.

Watching her run with the frisbee was hillarious. She could hardly see where she was going!

30 minutes later and million laps around the park with her new frisbee, she looked like she had enough.

I dropped Jersey off at home and headed out on my 3 mile run. I was expecting to run a lot further today but a few things held me back. I am still breaking in the new kicks so I didn’t want to push it too hard, I woke up late so I was running in HEAT.

I ran mile 3 miles in 30 minutes and headed to the park right by the casa to do a little park bench work out:

Push ups on the bench – 2 x 15

Lateral lunges – 2 x 15

Squats w/ toes pointed out (hit the inner thigh) – 2 x 20

Squats (don’t stand all the way up between reps, and pulse the last 5) 2 x 15

Sit ups – 30

Sit on the edge of the table, hold on to the ledge. Lean back, straighten legs and bring them to your chest. (not sure what these are called but they work your hip flexers and abs) – 30

Dips on the bench- 2 x 12

One leg squats w/ other foot on the bench behind you – 2 x 12 each leg

I was a sweaty beast after this one!