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**This picture was taken right out of college in 2008, when I was training at Carolina Cross Fit. I was a beast!**

Tuesdays’s 5:45 AM Circuit:

Warm Up: 5 flights of stairs

Abs on Mat w/ 5 lb DB’s:

  • 30 sit ups (bring weights to hips)
  • 30 sit ups with 8lb DB between feet, lift knees to chest as you sit up

On the cool slippery slidey board:

100- mountain climbers
100-both knees to chest ( low abs )
50- speed skaters

5 flights of stairs with resistance band at the bottom of the stairs around Craig’s waist.

20 ab rollers

20 supermans with 2 lb DB’s

Squats with 15 medicine ball, throw ball in the air as you accelerate up and catch the ball as you come down into your squat

Superset x 2:

Squat twists with med ball
3 flights of stairs

30 sit ups with fly – 5 lb DB’s

30 Sit ups with no weight

20 knee touches (put your hands on your thighs and touch your knees while keep shoulder blades and head off the mat)

Lay on mat with a 5 lb DB in right hand, arm out straight towards the sky. Stand up on you feet while keeping arm straight and do not use other hand for support. 10- reps

Do the same with other arm. – 10 reps

Superset x 2:

Squat on wobble board with PVC pipe full of water across my chest-20

Squat on BOSU ball with 5 lb DB’s flys -20

Overall, amazing work out today at T-3 with Craig!

Breaking news by the way, no more excuses for shortening my runs. Guess what finally arrived today?

Hint # 1:

Hint # 2:

My new running shoes!

These babies are bright, no peeing in bushes for me!

Cant wait to break em’ in for my run Wednesday. Stay tuned!


  • Do you have any tips for breaking in new shoes?
  • My foot specialist at Sole-Lutions said I have high arches so she suggested the brooks for my style foot. What running shoe works best for your feet?