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Even though my tummy was craving some carbs after putting in some work at the field and manual labor at Mike’s rental property. I decided to be a good girl and save my carbs for the beer that was soon to be consumed at the Marlins game later.

So I went with a delicious Jimmy John’s “unwich”: Lettuce wrap, turkey, tomato, sprouts, cucumber, avocado spread

Mike went with turkey and roast beef on a yummy whole grain bread. Man did his bread look so fluffy and carb-a-liciously good!

Free delivery is definitely the best part of JJ’s.

Jersey Girl was even tired from all the hard work she put in at the town house. Apparently lizard chasing is way more tiring then I ever imagined.

Marlins Game

The weather was perfect, the drinks were flowing, and the greasy food was amazing! Nothing like sitting under the lights on a hot summer night with a cool beverage!

Cheers peeps! 🙂