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Mike and I started our morning off bright and early by hitting up a few local garage sales. There’s a 5 mile radius that surrounds our home that is the gold mine for weekend garage sales. I really never knew how serious some people were about these things until I went to a few and the little old ladies were running each other over to be the first ones at the china/dinnerware table.

Genius idea: next hit tv show “Garage Sale Addicts,” Mike and I are suckers for the show Storage Wars. I can’t believe those people really make a living off what they find in the storage units! Crazy!

After our unsuccessful neighborhood shopping, we hit up Mike’s favorite breakfast place.

It’s a little cuban joint that serves the most unhealthy, fast, and delicious breakfast.

We both had a ton of cafe con leche, yummy!

 I ordered a ham croquetta and Mike ate an entire loaf of buttery cuban bread-of course.
AND potatoes, AND 2 eggs over medium, AND 3 pieces of bacon. He’s such a skinny fat ass!

3 cups of cafe con leche later (oops, they were small cups), I was amped up to start my day!

Next stop: Lowes for some miscellaneous goods.

After Lowe’s I was off to the softball field for a lesson, and Mike had to go to his rental property for some touch up work. Then we are both headed to the Marlin’s game for some tailgating and fun, weather permitting that is.

Enjoy your Saturday! 🙂