I am determined to turn this dog into runner. Not only to keep her lean and healthy, but also to keep me company on my runs. Every time I see someone running with their dog on the side of the road with out a leash, I cringe with jealousy.At 7 months old and whole 30lbs, Jersey wants absolutely nothing to do with a nice long run around the neighborhood. Even if I dangled a big fat juicy steak in front of her face, I would still have to pull her. So this persistent mommy decided to take Jersey with me on my run yesterday afternoon. We were off to a pretty steady start until she heard some thunder in the distance and got scared. After 15 minutes of dragging her I decided to head home and drop her off and continue my run. I’ve done enough procrastinating with this half marathon training, I can’t afford to allow any interruptions.  I got in a good 3 miles or so before my feet started to hurt (I have to buy new shoes).

Someone help: How do I turn this puppy into a runner?