Sturdy Girl Sports Bras



The day has finally come, I never thought I would be able to say these simple words…. “I’ve found the PERFECT sports bra!”


Now let me tell you how this love affair began:

A few months back I was cruising through my inbox weeding out old emails and reading the 50,000,000,000 new Groupon, coupon, pooopon offers. One particular offer from Schwaggle (A fitness based Groupon site) for discounted sports bras caught my eye.

The deal was $25 for $50 worth of merchandise. I quickly did the math in my head on my calculator…. I normally spend around $80 on my ugly Enell sports bra,

Ugly straight jack of a sports bra

so this deal was obviously a steal in my book & definitely worth the try! I then clicked on the link for Sturdy Girl Sports to see if they even had anything cute to offer. From my experiences the word cute and sports bra never went to together.

Long story short Sturdy Girl has a wide variety of fashionable, stylish, and supportive athletic attire. They even have leopard print…watch out Snooki I’m coming to the Jersey Shore to steal your spot light!

Not only were the bras super cute, but the customer service was unbelievable. Due to my countless attempts of finding “the perfect sports bra” I had tons of questions about which style and size would best suit me. Hilary, the founder of SGS corresponded with me (answered 1.2 billion questions about boobies, bras, and uni boobs until she was blue in the face) until I was totally comfortable with the decision I had made.

I ended up choosing the Santa Monica Bra in the White Diamond/Chinchilla combo

The combination of the thick rib band, wide shoulder straps, flattering shape, and soft compression fabric makes this one a winner in my book! After only a few short months a countless intense work outs, I decided to buy another one! Woo–hoo! The second time around I decided to go for a darker color since the white one got dirty so fast.

I love white but white doesn’t love me.

Go Gamecocks!

Here’s my review on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best.

Coverage: 10

Usually I struggle with coverage near the fullest part of my breasts which is near the armpit area. The Santa Monica keeps me fully covered at all angles.

Support: 10

I’ve worn my sturdy girl for all different types of high impact training, and my girls never fell out-of-place.

Comfort: 9

The bra fits tight the first few times you wear it but it does stretch out nicely over a few washes.

Shape: 10

It provides my ladies friends with perfect amount of appropriate “workout cleavage.” Although I do get a little uni boob affect I’m totally cool with it because the support is ultimately what matters most to me.

411 Side note: I thought it was pretty cool when opening my first Sturdy Girl Sports Bra it came with a very thorough set of instructions on how to put on and take off my bra. I looked at the instructions, chuckled and tossed them off to the side thinking come on now I’ve put a few sports bras on in my life time. If i can put together an Ikea bookshelf without instructions I can most likely handle dressing myself. I put my arms through the holes accordingly and next thing you know I was screaming for my boyfriend to come help me. Lesson learned, read the instructions they are helpful! The SGS wiggle not jiggle maneuver is clutch.

*Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this post are my own and not provided or persuaded by anyone else.



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Tata’s, knockers, breasts, bazookas, jugz, baby feeders, funbags, hooters, puppies……I could go on and on

Do I have your attention yet? If you can’t already tell, this post is going to be all about BOOBIES!!

This picture seriously cracks me up every time I see it.

A few months back while I was in the midst of marathon training, I shared with you all my key running essentials. One of my most important pieces is my Enell straight jacket sports bra, I literally can’t imagine doing any kind of physical activity without it.

Lately I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my Enell. The maximum support it gives my girls is undoubtedly the best on the market, BUT wearing cute workout clothes with it is out of the question. For so many years I’ve settled for ugly shlumpy work out gear in trade for comfort and support.

My ugly shlumpy workout gear (very old pic!)

The Enell has a unique shape and is high cut along the front, back, and even the sides, which makes it completely impossible to wear cute tank tops without seeing it.

So I’ve suffered long enough… I’ve been working my tooshy off at the gym and now I’d give anything to run outside on a hot Florida summer day in a cute sweaty sports bra. I began my hunt for a new sports bra a few months ago after reading a post by Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point. She thoroughly describes 5 or 6 different types of sports bras for the BTC (Big Titty Committee), even the Enell! Immediately after seeing her post I had my eyes stuck on the TaTa Tamer.

Never in my dreams did I think it would take me almost three full months to get my hands on one! Apparently this bra is the hottest thing on the market, hotter than a Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks during the holiday season! I checked online almost every single day for three months and they never had my size, I even called countless local stores to check their inventory, and 34 DD’s were NO WHERE to be found….. yes people I’m a 34 DD… I hide them well 🙂

Finally it was my lucky day, I called a store close to my mom’s work and they had two black tata tamers in my size. On my mom’s way to work that day she stopped by the mall and scooped on up for me. SCORE!I took my tata tamer for a 2.5 mile test run this past weekend and it was a major fail! Unfortunately I ended up with yucky chafage along my rib cage due to the excessive amount of bouncing.

Here’s my review on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best:

Coverage: 10

          I wasn’t bulging out on the top or the sides, and the puppies even      stayed in place while I was running.

Support: 7

The jugz were bouncing a bit too much for my liking which is probably why I ended up with the chafing issue. I do really like the thick supportive straps and I love having the ability to criss – cross the straps for more support.

Comfort: 8

Nine times out of ten you will catch me wearing a sports bra instead of a real bra, it’s honestly way more comfortable for me and my gals. Therefore this could definitely be an everyday bra for me.

Shape: 10

 I absolutely love the shape that this bra gives me. My old bra made me look like I had a loaf of bread sitting on my chest, or I had a uni-boob. The tata tamer gives off the appearance that you’re wearing a regular bra. LOVE IT!

In a nut shell I will most likely use this bra for lower impact training like circuits, weight lifting, softball, or if I want to wear a really cute work out top and I can’t wear the Enell.

Your thoughts?

Those of you who are a part of the Big Titty Committee, what do you use to support your puppies for high impact training?

Workouts and Birthdays


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Hey Folks! Lot’s going on over here on the home front. The workouts were stellar last week…check me out!

Tuesday: Circuit Training

Wednesday: Pitched 900000000 balls of batting practice to my high school team until my arm was basically detached from my body!! OUCH

Thursday: Cardio circuit

Friday: Could barely walk or lift my arm to pick my own nose.

Saturday: 2 mile run on the tredmill and Abs

It felt great to squeeze in 4 workouts last week, so this week I’m going to try my hardest to do it again. Especially after all that birthday cake, chocolate, and home cooked birthday meals. To be honest I’ve really got to start kicking up my mileage on the road. On February 25 I’ll be competed in another mud run called The Spartan Race (watch the video on the home page… it’s pretty bad ass) with my fabulous cousin in-law Michelle. The course is 8 miles long with various muddy obstacles along the way. I haven’t run 8 miles since I was training for my half marathon!! YIKES!


Guess who celebrated a birthday last week! ME ME ME ME! It’s official I am now in my last year of my “mid-twenties.” Which basically means this is my last year to do ridiculously immature things and get away with it. 🙂

Apparently my love for white chocolate is no secret at work. That chocolate bar is seriously the size of my head!

Guess who else had a birthday last week?

My brother! 

Lucky us, we get to celebrate out birthdays together every single year 🙂

Saturday night we all headed to a new spot in Miami called Ricochet Bar & Lounge, and danced our pants off until 3 AM!

That’s my beautiful sister in-law who blogs at CasaMartinez, where she covers anything from fashion to marriage to DIY projects and all things Pinterest!

You should definitely check her out!!

See ya soon with an update on this weeks workouts…. hopefully I can hit 4 days again!

Chimichurri Secret Sauce


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Beware: This recipe is going to change your life. If you’re ok with stinky garlic breath that lasts for at least two days then please continue reading.

Like most of my recipes everything is eyeballed so I don’t know exact measurements. Sorry!

Serves 2-3 people

Prep Time: 15 minutes


– Skirt Steak
– 1 head of Parsley
– 4 to 5 cloves of Garlic (your personal preference I like mine extra garlicky)
– Half of a lemon
– Salt & Pepper
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The sauce:

This takes a little bit of patience but it’s totally worth it! Break away all of the Parsley leaves from the stems and toss the leaves into the food processor. Next add the garlic, lemon juice, and salt into a food processor. Before you start blending pour in a few tablespoons of the EVOO.

Now blend that bad boy up!!

Once everything is nicely chopped you can add more EVOO to get the consistency you are looking for.

And there ya go… You just made chimichurri!! Woooo-hoo!

Here comes the fun part….season your steaks! This is crucial for maximum tastiness!

Try to trim the excess fat off the steaks. If you skip this step your steaks may turn out a bit chewier then you like. Skirt steaks are generally a fatty type of steak so don’t kill yourself trying to cut off ALL the fat!

Lay out your skirt steaks on a baking sheet and season both sides with salt, pepper and chimichurri sauce.

How amazing do these look?


So what’s next?

This where the man steps in. I’m not allowed to come any where near MRod’s beloved grille, so you’re on your own with the grilling instructions.

I served these bad boys up with some sautéed asparagus, and black beans and rice.

We were so excited to dive into this meal I almost forgot to take a picture of the final product for you!

*Sidenote: The chimichurri is best when served cold on top of a warm stake, but you can also warm it up if you prefer*

Hope you all enjoy! 🙂

2012 Blog Re-Evaluation


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Hey friends, Happy New Year!

I hope everyone let loose and stuffed their little belly’s. Me on the other hand… I went beyond letting loose. I ate like a starving cave woman who was going into hibernation for the next 6 months! The holiday spirit gets me every time…what can I say?

MRod and I made our annual (two consecutive years is considered annual in my book) Christmas trip to St. Louis to visit his parents. While I was there I OD’ed in vitamin C and H20 in attempt to NOT get sick like I did last year. **When you take a South Florida girl out of her 80 degree winter climate bad things usually happen.**

Luckily my overdose tactics worked as planned which meant my appetite was in full force. Mama & Papa MRod usually spoil the crap out of our belly’s every time we see them so by now I’ve learned two key tricks for superb belly preparation:

1. Diet the week before seeing them (AKA- eat nothing and sweat lots) !

2. Pack my stretch pants!

Here’s a few pics from the trip






Now moving on to more serious matters. Let’s be honest here… I haven’t been the best blogger lately- shame on me. I know I am still a rookie and only a few months into the blogging world, but I really need to figure out a better system. I love sharing my crazy workout routines with all of you (my 12 readers out there) but I have an insanely hard time remembering everything I did at 6:00 AM. AND when I actually remember what I did, I have no clue what to call the exercise! I’m very familiar with the standard fitness terminology, but I promise 9 times out of 10 I’m not doing anything standard in the gym!

So here are my thoughts:

Each week either on Sunday or Monday I will lay out my work out schedule for the week, this way you guys can hold me accountable! At the end of the week I’ll update the workout schedule and let you know how I did.

So here we go…

Monday: Circuit Training 60 minutes
Tuesday: Nada
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: Circuit Training
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Run
Sunday: Run or Play Tennis

All I Want For Chrismukkah


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Chrismukkah is right around the corner!

For those of you who are not familiar with Christmukkah, the urban dictionary does a great job of defining it:

Coincidently my family and MRod’s family share very similar religious backgrounds. Both of our mom’s are Jewish and both of our dad’s are Cuban Christian’s. We are a very rare hybrid that we like to call “Jewban’s”.

What’s on my Christmukkah list this year?

This year my wants and needs took a complete 360 compared to what I’ve asked for in the past……



A Forerunner 405 for my new found love of running.

**Sidenote: You haven’t seen any running posts lately because I sprained my stupid ankle running suicides on the tennis court with Jersey**

Lulu Lemon Run Speed Short

Aaaannnd maybe a matching top? …… Just sayin’

Lunar Glide 3

I have the older version of these in all black – I like boring basic colors I know- and I absolutely love them. I could never go for a run in these because they just don’t have enough support like my Brooks do, but they are perfect for circuit training and lifting.

MRod my love…. if you’re out their somewhere don’t stray from the Christmukkah list! This little Jewban want’s LOTS of work out gear this year!

Warrior Dash



What up peeps? 🙂

Guess what I did yesterday……

Got extremely muddy!

About a month ago I told you all I’d be running in the Warrior Dash with my friend Cat.

All ready to go with our head-gear on!

Warriors!! arrrgghh

We had a little too much fun with the mud 😉

The 3 mile course was full of fun obstacles like tire swings, big walls to climb over, tunnels, army nets, and best of all….mud pits!!

After our truck through the mud we joined the party for some beer drinking and massive turkey legs!

Even Mike worked up an appetite from watching us run!

Every warrior who competed in the race got a free beer & free t-shirt! Awesome!

Crawling through the mud was no joke….

Check out my sweet warrior wounds on my knee!

Guess what….Mike competed in his very first race!! His college roommate traveled down from Ft. Myers with his family to run the race at 2:30, and we somehow convinced Mike to join him. After one too many brews and a huge turkey leg, it wasn’t too hard to convince him!

That’s Kevin —> aka Zeus! And yes he ran the entire 3.2 miles with that outfit on! It was classic!

Warrior Kisses

Mike isn’t much of a long distance runner, so I was super proud of him for finishing strong!

You touch me you die!

All in all it was great day and we can’t wait until February to compete in the Spartan run! If you are trying to decide whether or not you want to do a mud run, I highly recommend it. It was a well put together event and tons of fun!

Turkey Day Butt Kickin & Canes Game


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Hey Friends! xox Hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey day with friends and family 🙂

My Thanksgiving week was full of fun, food, friends, family, and football!

MRod and I got a head start on our turkey eating the day before Thanksgiving at a friends house for a Turkey-fry.

Isn’t that sweet 🙂

*Sidenote: Mike ate 6 turkey legs – Gross*

On Thanksgiving morning my trainer helped me make room for more turkey indulgence by kickin’ my butt in the gym! Here’s what it looked like:

**I try to remember my weights/reps/sets to the best of my ability, but my apologies if I may be a bit off sometimes**

Warm up: 5 Flights of Stairs while holding a 25 lb plate above my head

Boxing Gloves, Pads, & a Partner is needed for these next exercises.

After this ass kicking my appetite was roaring so I successfully stuffed my face all day long, and then proceeded to stuff my face the next day at the UM game. There’s something about the tailgating atmosphere that makes me crave JUNK FOOD!

We shoveled that popcorn into our mouthes like it was our first meal in 15 days. Gross…  If you didn’t get the hint from the picture above, the game didn’t go so well for the Canes.

Sucky end to a sucky season!

At least the tailgating was fun!

See ya in 2012 Football!

Breakfast on the Go


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Hey folks!

This time change has me all screwed up! My internal body clock is waking up at odd hours, getting hungry at the wrong hours, and putting me to bed later than usual.

Not cool.

The sun was blazing this morning as I was leaving the gym, and normally it’s pitch black out. I couldn’t help but glance at my clock every 2 seconds on my way home because I was convinced I was running late!

Anyways here’s my work out from this AM…it was a doozie!

This next set of exercises was performed one after the other with no breaks, three times.

-Quick Abs-

There ya have it… I was a schweaty beast after that one! Thanks Craig!

Breakfast on the Go~

Since mornings are always quite a rush for me, and little to no time gets put into beautifying (other than taking a shower), by breakfast selection is always simple but tasty! I think it’s hilarious that I spend 80% of my morning prepping my food for the day rather than making myself look half way decent.

On my way to work I always start out with a scrumptious protein shake

The shake holds me over until about 9:00 until my stomach starts yelling at me, “MORE FOOD, MORE FOOD!” And then I scarf down my quick and easy go to breakfast.

Black Cherry Chobani is my savior!

For some odd reason I can never get sick of this flavor. So what’s in the mix?

Here’s my secret, I keep two ingredients in my draw at all times.

Some type of granola, usually I go with Bear Naked because I love the vanilla Almond Crunch flavor.

And, dried fruit or dried cherries just in case I don’t have any fresh fruit on hand!Sooooo delicious! 🙂 

Bench Press Galore


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If you’re looking for a tough a busty chest workout you’re definitely at the right site! I like to call this my “man workout.” I’m not one for hitting up the bench press at the gym, especially since they are always occupied by the largest men in the gym. It can be a bit intimidating but my trainer Craig decided to mix things up and put my chest through a grueling routine.

This circuit was non stop with very little break time. Just to give you an idea, I did this workout on Thursday, it’s now Saturday and these boobies are still pretty sore!

Barbell Bench Press


Incline Barbell Bench Press


Decline Barbell Bench Press


Reverse Grip Barbell Bench Press


Your thoughts:

  • Do you think it’s important for females to workout their chest muscles?
  • If you are a female, do you find the bench press to be intimidating at your gym as well?